I fire my work twice. The first firing is called bisque firing and it's fired at a 1000C; the second one is called glaze firing and the temperature goes up to 1240C. My signature piece from working with stoneware clay is called Seagull Jug, you can see the process of making it in the video. Each jug has a unique number, so far only 299 jugs have been made.

Currently, I work with porcelain, using a hand-building technique. Vases that come in colours like yellow, pink, green or blue are made from porcelain that I colour with ceramics stains. This is a lead-free product that comes in the form of a powder, mixed with the porcelain clay body.

With the hand-building technique focusing mainly on working with your hands, there are just a few tools that I use. Once glaze fired porcelain reveals its texture, it's almost paper-like. Due to the nature of the material, porcelain shrinks significantly during the drying and firing process. A piece loses about 14% of its initial size once it's ready.
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